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Fleetwood Macchiato was established in Erskineville in 2012.

Our cafe walks the line of neighbourhood fixture and destination - with lines out the door on the weekends, and students, locals and families dropping by during the week.

When we opened we felt like Sydney was in need of a cafe where you could go and get a meal that was fresh, delicious and out of the ordinary, accompanied by a coffee that was lovingly made all delivered to you with excellent service. Since then we've been regularly included in lists of the best cafes in Sydney as well as receiving praise from media including Timeout,

Sydney Morning Herald, Broadsheet and more. 


Our Food

Besides our bread, everything is made in house- cakes, yoghurt, pickles, smoked meats, cured fish.  Our food menu changes seasonally, with breakfast and lunch options that encompass some of the best ingredients around at that time of year. We preserve and pickle throughout the seasons and these condiments make it into a lot of our dishes. We have many vegetarian and plant based meals but we also cure and smoke our own meat in-house for the carnivorous types. 

Our Drinks

Our coffee program is based around a house blend for milk coffees by local roasters Sample Coffee and we rotate single origins from various guest roasters for espresso and filter coffee. 

For our tea offerings we work with western suburbs based Teacraft curating a compact but deep menu of blends, as well as Chinese teas and organic herbal infusions. 

We also offer a selection of cold drinks including house-made sodas which we make from seasonal fruits and aromatics. We made a decision on opening to not serve any packaged drinks, instead making everything in house. 

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